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Ho Chuan-Chin

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Division of Teaching and Research


1.        To develop and schedule physical education courses.

2.        To keyin, arrange, and file grades.

3.        To collect the teaching information related to physical education and sports.

4.        To hold meetings or conferences.

5.        To manage students?fitness test.

Associate Professor (Chief) Hsu, Ming -Hua 001-886-4-22840230~211 mhhsu@mail2000.com.tw
Staff Kao Chung-wu 001-886-4-22840230~213 chungwu@nchu.edu.tw

Division of Sports Activities


        1.        To develop the policies about games.

        2.        To promote and create sports games for students.

        3.        To promote and create sports games for faculty and staff.

        4.        To arrange the training programs for faculty and staff.

        5.        To manage student-athletes.


Associate Professor(Chief) Wang, Yao-Tsung 001-886-4-22840229-216 ytwang@nchu.edu.tw
Lecturer Wang, Mei Lee 001-886-4-22840229-219 mlwang@nchu.edu.tw
Project Lecturer Tu,Peng-Fei 001-886-4-22840229-218 tupf@nchu.edu.tw

Division of Sports Facilities


        1.        To create the policies for using, managing, and supervising facilities.

        2.        To manage sports facilities.

        3.        To purchase, maintain and write-off facilities.

        4.        To plan and develop sports areas.



Associate Professor(Chief) Huang, Hsien Chung 001-886-4-22840229-208 hchwang@nchu.edu.tw
Staff Chen, Bau-Chung 001-886-4-22840229-206 bcchen@nchu.edu.tw
Staff Hong,Kuo-hsiu 001-886-4-22840229-208 captain0201@nchu.edu.tw

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